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Fillings are used by dentists to restore your teeth when you suffer from tooth decay. When you visit the dentist, they will have to remove parts of your tooth that are affected by the decay and put in a filling to restore the structure of the tooth. Your dentist will be able to discuss with you the types of fillings they have to offer, how the procedure works and should inform on what to do if your filling does happen to fall out. Most people never want to go through the process of receiving a filling. To make matters worse those fillings have expiration dates on them. Silver fillings last between 5 and 15 years where the white composite fillings last half as long. There is an enormous amount of pressure that is put on our teeth and fillings and when we eat, the fillings wear down and they can no long protect your tooth from further decay.  Most fillings will fall out for only a few reasons. Here are the top three reasons why a filling would fall out:

Reason one

The first reason a filling will fall out is because the tooth was never properly prepared before the filling was put into place. Because of this, the filling is not held in place by your tooth. The is a more common occurrence in silver fillings The tooth was not prepared properly before the filling was placed, so the filling is not held in by the tooth. This is more common in silver fillings because they are not bonded to your tooth, they are held in place by the hole that your dentist has prepared in the tooth.

Reason two

The saliva in your mouth contaminated the are when the filling was placed. This a more common occurrence in white composite fillings because with those fillings the tooth must be isolated from everything else to ensure the bonding process succeeds. This can happen with silver fillings as well but is much less common. 

Reason three

More decay has occurred around the filling. In this scenario the dentist will need to remove the new decay before restoring the tooth. There is decay around the filling. The dentist will need to remove the new decay before he can restore the tooth.

What do you do if your filling falls out?

Step one

Gently brush the tooth with toothpaste and warm water. Be careful to not apply too much pressure to the tooth. The reason for this is because the tooth no longer has a hard coating to protect it. Just a small amount of dentin being exposed can can discomfort.

Step two

Be sure to keep the whole filling or at least a piece of the filling that has fallen out. DO NOT try to put the filling back into the hole where it fell out of. Just keep it somewhere safe until you visit the dentist.

Step three

Call your dentist for an appointment. If the pain is too much to bare to wait, call our number at 727-328-4848 and the dental professionals will do their best to see you as soon as possible. Be sure to bring in the old filling with you so you can show the dentist.


If your filling does happen to fall out you should try to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. The reason for this is it will aid in keeping the area clean. Do not eat foods that can cause you pain, due to tooth sensitivity. Avoid foods that are extremely hot or extremely cold and foods that are extremely sweet, this can help reduce the amount of pain you are having. If you are experiencing a lot of pain in your tooth you can try some over the counter temporary crown kits, but your best bet is to call your dentist for an appointment as soon as possible. If your filling falls out on the weekend and you are in extreme pain you can get emergency dental care or try a temporary crown. 


DISCLAIMER - None of the information contained on this page should be considered medical advice. If you have medical emergency, call 911.